Money and Jobs

Having employment and feeling valued can have a beneficial impact on our sense of well-being. We want the people who live and work in Cwm Taf to earn a fair wage and have decent and skilled jobs, and we want to recognise the value that people who donate their time and skills through volunteering in Cwm Taf contribute to the local economy.

Use this tab to find out about the local economy, and how the PSB is working in this sector to achieve its objectives. The data tab will provide more information around the education and skills levels of Cwm Taf.

Seasonal News and articles will be added here during the year.

Thriving Communities The PSB is working with Upper Rhondda Fach and Gurnos residents that build a community that embraces opportunities in education, employment and training. Find out more about what is happening in our Community Zones, linked to our involvement with the local schools in the two areas.

Healthy People Having a physically and mentally fit workforce is vital to the local economy, and for our communities. Adopting and encouraging healthy behaviours with our staff and citizens will positively impact on sickness absence rates and feelings of well-being.

Strong Economy We are working to stimulate and boost the aspirations and skills of our people to meet public and private sector careers opportunities, including taking advantage of investment and development opportunities such as the City Deal and Valleys Taskforce work. We are also working to develop a skilled workforce, meeting current demand and future requirements across the public sector and beyond as part of our work with the Cwm Taf Employability Pledge.

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation Aside from helping to tackle feelings of loneliness, volunteering is a fantastic way of learning and sharing skills and makes significant contributions to our economy. The skills learnt can open up new careers, opportunities and raise aspirations.

We also know that having money makes it easier to socialise and travel, and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.