Learning and Training

We want the people of all ages in Cwm Taf to be able to gain new skills and qualifications to tackle the challenges they face.

Use this tab to find out about accessing learning and training opportunities in the Cwm Taf area, and how the PSB is working in this sector to achieve its objectives. The data tab will provide more information around the education and skills levels of Cwm Taf.

Seasonal News and article will be added here during the year.

Thriving Communities The PSB is working with Upper Rhondda Fach and Gurnos residents that build a community that embraces opportunities in education, employment and training. Find out more about what is happening in our Community Zones, linked to our involvement with the local schools in the two areas.

Healthy People We want people to live long and healthy lives and be able to overcome challenges so that they are physically and mentally able to take advantage of learning and training opportunities available. This includes promoting healthy behaviours with our staff and citizens and working and working as one public sector to encourage healthy choices, including no added sugar drinks making the most of outdoor learning offers.

Strong Economy We are working to stimulate and boost the aspirations and skills of our people to meet public and private sector careers opportunities. Thinking long term, we are also working with schools to ensure that future skills needs will be met, and that the opportunities that our young people want are available to them.

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation Learning new skills and taking up training opportunities can be daunting but provides an excellent chance to meet new people and is often available in the form of social prescribing. Schools, colleges, local youth groups and services also provide critical support to young people feeling socially isolated or lonely.