We want everyone in Cwm Taf to live long and happy lives, and overcome any challenges. We want the youngest in our population to have the best start in life, and for everyone to have the opportunity to age well. We have rolled out the one small change and no added sugar PSB. We want to encourage healthy behaviours in our staff and citizens.

The five healthy behaviours are:

• Not smoking

• Keeping a healthy weight

• Regular physical activity in line with national guidance

• Eating a healthy diet including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day

• Reducing alcohol and substance misuse.

Committing to one more healthy behaviour, or steps towards them, can have a huge positive impact on your health and well-being. To help with this, you may have noticed that vending machines and cafes across organisations that make up the PSB have stopped selling added sugar versions of hot and cold drinks. This is to help everyone to make healthy choices and one way of working to address the poor health being reported across the region - particularly high rates of tooth decay amongst our youngest residents.