Getting About

We know that being able to travel around Cwm Taf and beyond is important to people – it impacts on how we work, use our leisure time and interact with each other.

Use this tab to find out how the PSB is exploring ways to connect people and places, including work to collaborate and build on investment programmes, like the city deal to achieve its objectives and what this means for you. The data tab will provide more information around our public transport, roads and active travel in Cwm Taf.

Seasonal News and articles will be added here during the year.

Thriving Communities Developing the Hubs as the heart of the community will mean nothing if people cannot get to them and their services. Click to find out more about how to get to Calon Las in the Gurnos and the Ferndale Hub.

Healthy People Using ‘active’ travel options, such as walking and cycling is great for our well-being, health and our environment. Cwm Taf has many active travel routes as well as extensive public pathways, including the Taff and Trevithick Trail – find out more at Merthyr / RCT

Strong Economy A modern and suitable infrastructure is needed to create a strong economy and the Cwm Taf area will be looking to capitalise on the opportunities being brought by investments like the City Deal. This modern infrastructure also means keeping pace with low emission, e.g. electric or hybrid, vehicles and working to reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to travel.

Tackling Loneliness and Isolation Being unable to get out or access services can cause or increase feelings of loneliness and isolation. Local groups often rely on volunteer transport services and we know that this is a shortage in Cwm Taf. Click to find out more about community transport.