Economic Well-being

Growing a resilient local economy that recognises the limits of the global environment

We need to shift towards the sustainable provision and production of essential goods and services, such as quality food, sustainable transport and decent housing. Building our local economy based on sustainable urban planning and green infrastructure will likely create conditions that are attractive to businesses, visitors and residents.

“Sustainable urban planning in combination with developing green infrastructure can develop resilience in communities”

“Volunteering has a non-monetary contribution to the economy that is vital to charities and civil societies”

“Economic growth and the creation of new jobs have the potential to reduce spending on welfare”

Helping the movement of people throughout Cwm Taf

The dominant travel routes of Cwm Taf follow a north-south direction to Cardiff, making east-west journeys longer and more difficult. Transport and transport costs can be a significant barrier to accessing work and it must pay to go to work. Improving community connectivity will help remove barriers and facilitate the movement of people.

“The average distance travelled by employed people in Merthyr is 15.5km, compared to 16.3km in RCT and 16.7km nationally”

“Improving public transport may permit more individuals and families to become independent”

“The employment rate in Cwm Taf is growing and long-term unemployment is reducing”

“There is a need for well paid jobs: people who work in Merthyr Tydfil are more likely to have lower paid work than those in RCT and Wales”

People gaining new skills and qualifications to tackle the challenges they face

Education and lifelong learning are primary sources of development for human capital. Children growing up in poorer families leave school with lower levels of educational attainment which is a major factor contributing to social mobility. The need to gain higher level skills represents a significant challenge in Cwm Taf. Improving skills and educating people helps an individual to develop their resource pool.

“Educational attainment among pupils in Cwm Taf is increasing and more people are gaining qualifications, however levels remain below Wales”

“The free school meals attainment gap is reducing in Merthyr Tydfil but increasing in RCT across a number of key stages”

“Predictions indicate that the majority of new jobs and vacancies will be in higher level occupations”

“There are projects which run across Cwm Taf to help people who are looking for work and we need to continue to use these”

Development that facilitates a growing local economy and recognises the limits of the global environment

The places where we live have a significant impact on our well-being. To grow a local economy, programmes should involve planning needs to encompass transport links, access to local services and amenities and safer communities. In Cwm Taf there are several areas that experience high levels of housing deprivation.

“The built and natural environment can have a profound effect on people’s behaviour and opportunities”

“Local development plans set out land-use policies and guide opportunities for investment and growth”

“Opportunities exist to improve mental health through targeted regeneration in deprived neighbourhoods”

“The average home in Cwm Taf is more affordable than compared to Wales overall, however affordability is a key issue given lower wages”