Feedback from 11 December meeting

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Areas for Potential Projects 

Darran Park (Main focus area)
Look at developing a wildflower meadow and picnic bench area
Ferndale Community Hub (Formerly North Road Infants) when it opens
Highfields Industrial Estate 
Community Garden space 
Planters to donate to community venues in the zone area
Need to decide which venues and how they will be maintained? 
Greenwood Park area (rugby field) 
Blaenllechau outdoor spaces 
Two memorial areas Ferndale 
Surrounding areas and place of congregation
Albany Park Memorial space next to Park
Week long event to look at gardening skills and sessions taught to develop interest in the project and opportunity for community members to make items such as bug hotels, bat boxes, weaving and any other relevant skills.
Equipment and Tools Needed – wish list
Pocket maps developed to showcase local walking and cycle routes
Raised bed materials – sleepers / planters
Box planters to donate to local venues 
Top soil
Range of different seeds and wildflower seeds to develop a meadow at Darran park
Poly tunnel or greenhouse for Highfields site
Waterproofs / outerwear /clothing for gardening or walkers 
Funding to pay for tutors to upskill community members by creating bug hotels, planters, bird houses, weaving projects.
Wheelbarrow x2 
Gardening gloves and tools
Skip Hire or trailor 
Things to consider
Need to confirm that the gardening group (Highfield Industrial Estate) want any support and equipment from NRW as none of them attended the meeting. 
Where will the tools and equipment be stored and it will it be accessible to all groups? Do we need to purchase storage and where would it be situated?
Need to work out from the above suggestions where to start and how much is viable in the immediate future so we have a project up and running prior to the next stage of funding. 
Useful Contacts
Richard Barrett – Keep Wales Tidy 07824504821
Martyn Broughton - Welcome to Our Woods has said he could support and advise if needed 
Gareth Pernell - RCT Council – Hayley Manns to send details through